Is Zoom Teeth Whitening a Quick Cosmetic Fix?

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening a Quick Cosmetic Fix?

Zoom teeth whitening is a teeth whitening treatment that is performed in the dental office. The treatment uses a hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten the teeth. 

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening a Quick Cosmetic Fix?

The Zoom whitening treatment is often nicknamed “Zoom Whitening” because the treatment involves the use of a bleaching gel that’s activated by a special UV light. The UV light is used to create a strong bleaching agent, so patients can lighten their smile by several shades in just one treatment.

Despite the intensity of the Zoom whitening treatment, the procedure is not painful. Patients can sit back and relax during the procedure, and when the treatment is over, their smile will be noticeably lighter.

The Zoom whitening treatment is also faster than the average whitening treatment. 

What should I expect during Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Before beginning your Zoom treatment, your dental team will cover your gums and lips to protect them. Next, your dental team will apply a special gel to your teeth. This gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide, will be used during your Zoom treatment.

After applying the gel, your dental team will then use a special Zoom light to activate the gel. The Zoom light will penetrate the outer layer of your teeth and break up stains and discolorations. The gel and light work together to whiten your teeth.

After your treatment, your dental team will provide you with a take-home Zoom touch-up kit, which includes a custom-fabricated whitening tray and a whitening gel. The take-home kit allows you to maintain your newly whitened smile at home.

How long does Zoom Teeth Whitening take?

Zoom teeth whitening takes approximately one hour. Because the Zoom whitening gel is activated by the light, the whitening process begins as soon as the gel is applied to the teeth.

After your teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will be five to six shades whiter. Whitening results can last up to three years, depending on the patient’s dental hygiene habits.

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