Dental Bridges in Englishtown, NJ

Dental Bridges in Englishtown, NJ

Dental bridges in Monroe Township NJ, offer an ideal solution if you have a missing tooth and want an artificial replacement. They are a widely preferred option, even though there are other alternatives for tooth replacement, like dentures or dental implants. Besides providing a lasting solution, the bridge placement does not involve an invasive procedure. In addition, dental bridges are the only option for some patients due to the lack of bone density required for a dental implant. At Ardent Dental Arts in Englishtown, New Jersey, we offer customized dental bridges to restore your oral functions and smile aesthetics.

What Is a Dental Bridge In Monroe Township NJ?

A dental bridge in Monroe Township NJ is a prosthetic device that replaces missing teeth. It is usually made of porcelain fused to metal to achieve natural aesthetics and durability. A dental bridge in Manalapan Township comprises one or more false teeth supported by a dental crown secured on either end and collectively covers the gap of your missing teeth. 

Benefits of Dental Bridges In Manalapan Township NJ

A dental bridge in Monroe Township can offer both aesthetic and functional benefits, including:

  • Improved chewing ability
  • Improved speech
  • Preventing existing teeth from shifting
  • Helps to distribute the biting force
  • Enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Prevents jawbone deterioration
  • More economical than other options

Types of Dental Bridges In Manalapan Township NJ

Conventional bridges entail constructing crowns for the teeth or implants on either side of the missing tooth, with a pontic in between. They are the most classic bridge restorations made of either ceramic or porcelain fused to metal.

Cantilever bridges are utilized when teeth remain on only one side of the missing teeth.

Maryland bonded bridges are made of acrylic teeth and gums supported by a metal framework. Metal wings on each side of the bridge are clasped to your existing teeth.

Process of Dental Bridges In Manalapan Township NJ

Area Preparation

During the first visit, Dr. Ravneet Nanda will prepare the neighboring teeth of the gap. This allows for adequate spacing of the crowns to be secured onto their surface. 

Taking Impressions

An impression will then be captured of the opening and the prepared adjacent teeth. This provides an exact mold for the fabrication of your dental bridge. We send these impressions to our dental laboratory to fabricate the appliance. Meanwhile, we will fix a temporary cap over the prepared teeth, significantly reducing the chances of sensitivity.

 Bridge Placement

The temporary caps will be removed and replaced with your new dental restoration during the final appointment. Before permanently securing the bridge in position, Dr. Ravneet Nanda will try it on over your teeth to ensure its correct fit and bite.

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