Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is an urgent dental problem that requires immediate attention. There are many certain ways to prevent them. Some of them include the following:

Brush and Floss Regularly

Professional cleanings are vital for a healthy mouth, but you can do your part at home by brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day. This helps remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria that can lead to decay and gum disease. Make sure you brush for at least two minutes each time you brush. Be sure to gently brush along the gum line to make sure you're removing bacteria and plaque that may be hiding there. And don't forget about your tongue! This can also harbor bacteria and needs to be brushed to remove this.

You can also floss at night to remove any debris that has accumulated between your teeth during the day. To check that you are doing it correctly, please see your dentist. They'll be happy to demonstrate proper technique, which is essential for making sure you are removing all buildup from between the teeth and preventing future problems.

It's also important to make sure you are using the right toothbrush as well. The right size head is important, so it fits your mouth well, and the bristles are soft, so they don't irritate your gums or cause your enamel to wear down over time. Talk to your dentist if you have any questions about which toothbrush is right for you.

Manage Your Stress Levels

When you're feeling stressed, your body releases stress hormones into your bloodstream. These hormones increase your heart rate and blood pressure while constricting your blood vessels and reducing blood flow to your extremities, such as your fingers and toes. This can cause a problem when you're in the dentist's office because you'll be exposed to bacteria and other germs that can cause infections or other issues in your teeth and gums. An increased heart rate can exacerbate existing heart conditions as well.

If your dentist recommends a night guard for you, try to manage your stress level as much as possible before your appointment to reduce the chances that you'll clench your teeth during the night. If you suffer from anxiety or have trouble sleeping at night, talk to your physician about what you can do at home or during your office visit to reduce the effects of these stressors.

Avoid Chewing on Hard Objects

The holiday season is in full swing, which means you may have to attend more parties than usual. We advise you not to chew on ice or bite your nails when attending holiday gatherings this year. Biting your fingernails and chewing on ice can cause breaks in your teeth, which can cause them to become very loose. These loose teeth can fall out or be easily knocked out by biting down on hard foods. This has the potential to cause serious dental emergencies.

Wear a Mouthguard When Playing Sports

A mouthguard can protect your teeth from damage, especially from trauma to the face or jaw areas. It can also prevent an injury from occurring when a player has their head down while dribbling the ball and then is suddenly hit in the face by another player's elbow.

If you don't wear a mouthguard while playing a sport that can cause you to fall or collide with other players, you could chip a tooth, knock out a tooth or damage another tooth so badly that it needs to be extracted. These types of dental emergencies often require a visit to an emergency dentist, where a dental crown or other restoration can be made to prevent it from falling out.

See Your Dentist Regularly

Your dentist is familiar with your oral health and can help you keep your teeth healthy by spotting cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems early. The earlier these problems are caught, the more likely treatment will be successful. This is why routine appointments are so important—they help keep your smile healthy and reduce your risk of emergency treatments. If you don't have a dentist yet, consider finding one today to begin getting your routine care underway!

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